patient-careGoshawk Behavioral Health Services is an out-patient mental health office serving adults and children in the six county region around Traverse City. Our goal is to provide a targeted range of behavioral health assessment and counseling services supportive of and integrated with the care supplied by your primary care doctor. We can also support evaluations needed by other specialized service entities such as the legal system, substance abuse-dual diagnosis, differential diagnosis for dyslexia and related educational support services.
Goshawk Behavioral Health seeks to use a team model with you, the person seeking assistance, as a key and important part of that team.

Some of the services provided by Goshawk Behavioral Health are:

  • Support for transitions in life (job change, palliative care)
  • Basic Assessment for LD, ADHD, SA, Dyslexia, Autism
  • Help in learning to understand and live with anxiety and depression
  • Couples/Family relationship building
  • Helping teens transition to college/adulthood
  • Assessments for the legal system
  • Assessments for bariatric surgery
  • Assessment of personality functioning
  • Help and support for individuals and families who are adapting to and living with chronic illnesses
    Please call to verify that your insurance can be utilized.

If economic circumstances warrant the use of cash, a payment plan can be discussed.

Patient Centered Care is an approach to helping patients improve their life functioning by joining together with the person seeking help to form a team to aid the patient in learning to live with or overcome their discomforts and symptoms.

“Our greatest weakness is giving up. The most certain way to success is to try one more time.
Thomas Edison